ENGIE Fabricom is an industry-recognised renewables operator
About Renewables Services

We help to increase the contribution of more sustainable energy sources to the UK’s electricity requirements.

Our dedicated management team and proficient offshore technicians are highly experienced within the industry, using proven methodology to enable us to achieve excellent safety, quality and efficiency standards.

Our team offers a variation in services for the fitting and general maintenance of renewable energy sources. From anode installation to turbine inspection, find more information below.

Internal Anode Installation

ENGIE Fabricom can provide sacrificial anode installation, to ensure corrosion protection within the monopile

Cathodic Protection Inspection

One of the fundamental risks to all operators is the structural integrity of their assets. To ensure integrity is maintained it is critically important that the best corrosion protection system is in place.

Grouted Connection Remediation

ENGIE Fabricom is a market leader in Grouted Connection Remediation. Our knowledge and experience has been achieved by successfully delivering numerous grouting remediation campaigns

Safety Upgrades and Retrofit

Keeping our teams safe is embedded in our values and culture. We strive for a safer environment in which we can all work. To ensure this ENGIE Fabricom has a tried and tested innovative design to safeguard access and egress within the wind turbine.

Coating and Inspection

ENGIE Fabricom UK has successfully delivered numerous coating and inspection campaigns

Statutory and Turbine Inspections

ENGIE Fabricom can provide statutory and turbine inspections in accordance with the written scheme of requirements for the life span of the wind turbine

OEM Turbine Servicing

ENGIE Fabricom has a proven track record in providing mechanical and electrical service contracts.

Consultancy and Resource Supply

Our renewables team can offer our clients a suite of consultancy and resource services

Met Mast Surveys

We have experience of working on met masts to inspect the steelwork structure including flanged connections and ladders